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Permission to Enroll in a Course at Another Institution

Undergraduate degree students who are in good academic and financial standing at Pace University may apply to take a maximum of 12 credits of approved course work at other accredited colleges and universities subject to the following conditions:

  1. Students are required to obtain permission using the form "Permission to Enroll in a Course at Another Institution" Students are to obtain approval first from the school or college at Pace which offers their major. They are then required to have each course that they plan to take approved in advance by the appropriate Pace academic department. Students are to provide a copy of the course description for each course that they plan to take. Courses that have been pre-approved by Pace academic departments for transfer purposes may be approved by the college or school that offers the student's major without additional departmental review.
  2. Students must have the Permission to Enroll in a Course at Another Institution form approved as indicated in step one above and then submitted prior to taking the course at another institution. Courses will not be approved retroactively.
  3. Students who have completed 68 or more credits toward their degree (including Pace and transfer credits) may not take courses at a two-year institution.
  4. Study abroad and other Pace-approved internship programs and off-campus programs are not subject to this policy. Students planning to study abroad are advised to contact the Office of International Programs and Services on their home campus for detailed information related to course approvals and how the courses will be annotated on their Pace University academic record.
  5. Students may not study at another institution during a term in which they are enrolled at Pace University. Exceptions are permitted by the student’s college or school, if a required course is not being offered at Pace University.
  6. Only courses in which a grade of "C" or better is earned will be accepted in transfer. Courses completed at another institution may not be used for re-computation of Pace grades. Upon completion of each course, students are required to have an official transcript sent from the other institution to the Pace University Office of the Registrar. All other policies related to transfer credits, as they appear in the University catalog, remain in effect.
  7. Students may request and receive permission to take a course at another institution, which they have previously taken at Pace without attaining a passing grade. The course will be considered for transfer credit only (provided the student attains a grade of "C" or better) and may not be used to recompute the failing grade at Pace.