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Degree Requirements

The academic regulations at Pace University are designed to ensure adherence to standards of academic excellence while affording the latitude and flexibility necessary to accommodate the needs of and conditions faced by a diverse student body.

Requirements for a Bachelor's or Associate Degree are:

  • Successful completion of the requirements for a major program as specified in the catalog current at the time of a student’s matriculation or as subsequently amended. A bachelor's degree normally requires completion of 120 or 128 credits, although some majors may exceed this requirement. An associate degree requires successful completion of 60–66 credits, and a minor requires completion of 12–18 credits. Students should consult the curricula described in the sections for the academic schools within this catalog for the exact number of credits and courses required for their major program.
  • Completion of at least 30 (for 120 credit programs) 32 (for 128 credit programs) credits in residence at Pace University for all bachelor's degrees, and the associate in science degree in early childhood development and for all associate in applied science degrees. Associate in arts and associate in science degrees require that 30 credits of the 60-credit programs be completed at Pace.
  • Completion of at least one-half of the major program and one-half of a minor program, if the student elects one, in residence at Pace University. Students pursuing a bachelor of business administration degree must also complete at least one-half or 50 percent of the business credits required for the BBA, including business core, major and auxiliary requirements, in residence at Pace University.
  • A minimum cumulative QPA of 2.0 (unless indicated differently by a school, college, or specific major)
  • A minimum QPA of 2.0 in the student’s major (unless indicated differently by a school, college, or specific major)
  • All financial obligations and academic requirements to the University must be met before the student’s diploma is released.