Group of students sitting around a table

Deferred Examinations

(Absence from a Final Exam)

Students are permitted to take a deferred examination with the approval of their instructor for compelling reasons only, such as illness, emergencies, or other exceptional circumstances. Students who have sufficient reason to request a deferred examination are required to complete a deferred examination application form and have it approved by their instructor. The student must file an application through the departmental secretary for the course they wish to take as a deferred exam. The required form is downloadable from the Final Exam website. If the instructor is not available, students should contact the appropriate academic department for assistance. After obtaining the necessary signature(s), students must then submit the approved form and pay the required fee of $35.00 for one exam or $50.00 for two or more exams.

Dates for all Deferred Examinations for both New York City and Westchester campuses are to be determined.