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Auditors (Alumni)

Alumni of Pace University programs are eligible to audit certain undergraduate and graduate classes, subject to the approval of the instructor and to space limitations. Alumni may take one course per term on an audit basis. Tuition and the general institution fee are waived. The graduate is responsible for any course fees; such as, lab fees, clinical fees or special course fees. Students must have the necessary background of prerequisites for admission to courses. Interested alumni should file an Alumni Auditor Application at on the first day of the desired semester. The University reserves the right to restrict particular courses at any and all campuses.

Undergraduate alumni must have earned a Pace University bachelor’s degree and may audit undergraduate courses only. Undergraduate associate degree and certificate recipients do not qualify for the Alumni Audit Program. Graduate alumni, master degree, doctoral degree, and post-master certificate recipients of Pace University may audit selected graduate and undergraduate courses.

Courses taken through the Alumni Audit Program will be recorded on a student’s transcript with a grade of AUD and will carry no grade points towards a GPA calculation of any kind.