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French (FRE)

FRE 600  Graduate Independent Study in French  (1-6 credits)  
FRE 605  Strategies for Language Learning-French  (3 credits)  
FRE 650A  Topic: The Short French Novel  (3 credits)  
FRE 650B  Topics: Developing Cultural Awareness  (3 credits)  
FRE 650C  Topic: French Student/Pedagogy: 20th Century French Literature  (3 credits)  
FRE 650D  Topic: Cultural Updates on France  (3 credits)  
FRE 650E  Topic: Masterpieces of Francophone Literature  (3 credits)  
FRE 650F  Topic: Masterpieces of French Literature  (3 credits)  
FRE 650G  Topic: Seminar in French Literature  (3 credits)  
FRE 650H  Topic: Francophone: MultiMedia Approach  (1-3 credits)