Group of students sitting around a table

Business Communications (BCM)

BCM 610  Business Communication: Oral and Written  (3 credits)  

Provides practical experience in communication techniques required in a business setting. Students write business documents and give oral presentations based on cases that stimulate actual business communication needs. Different strategies for spoken and written communication are analyzed and utilized in individual and group presentations. Assignments include detailed written reports, memoranda, business letters, extemporaneous speeches, one-on-one discussions, group presentations, and oral presentations of written reports. Conference hours are scheduled outside of class to discuss each student's communication needs and to guide the student in the process of preparing a detailed report.

Course Rotation: TBA.
Prerequisites: Completion of the Foundatin Core and satisfactory completion of the Business Writing requirement: either a passing grade on the Writing Proficiency test, or successful completion of Business Writing - BUS 043.