Mathematics (MAT)

MAT 500  Survey of Mathematics  (3 credits)  

This course is the first course in an intensive mathematics immersion program for career changers seeking to be teachers of mathematics. It provides an overview of mathematics across a variety of areas based on the backgrounds and needs of the students. Topics will be drawn from among mathematical reasoning and communication, number theory and concepts, algebra, analytic geometry, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis, probability, statistics and discrete mathematics.

MAT 605  History of Science and Mathematics  (3 credits)  
MAT 607  Experiences in Geometry  (4 credits)  
MAT 609  Statistics  (3 credits)  
MAT 610  Statistical Analysis  (3 credits)  
MAT 612  Geometrical Perspectives  (3 credits)  
MAT 613  Probability  (4 credits)  

A study of the concepts in probability theory along with derivation and application of appropriate computational methods. Topics include: combinatorics, basic axioms, independence, discrete and continuous univariate and multivariate distributions, expectation, limit theorems and simulation (if time permits).

MAT 617  Interest Theory and Applications  (4 credits)  

A study of the concepts in theory of interest along with derivation and application of requisite mathematics for practical implementation of such concepts. Topics include: measurement of and problems in interest, annuities, yield rates, amortization and sinking funds, serurities, some advanced financial analysis (if time permits), and stochastic approaches to interest.

MAT 621  Risk Analysis in Insurance and Finance  (4 credits)  

This course develops the mathematical foundation of risk characterization, risk assessment, risk communication, and risk management. A new approach integrating the technical, psychological, and sociological aspects of risk assessment is used.

MAT 625  Financial Mathematics  (4 credits)  

This course develops the mathematical foundation of financial modeling. It covers model selection and analysis for valuation of various financial instruments and contingent claims.

MAT 650  Special Topics in Mathematics  (3 credits)  
MAT 650A  Topic: Graph Theory in School Teaching  (3 credits)  
MAT 650B  Topic: Discreet Mathematics  (2 credits)  
MAT 650C  Topic: Linear Algebra  (4 credits)  
MAT 650D  Algebraic Structures  (3 credits)  
MAT 650E  Topics: Probability  (1-4 credits)  
MAT 650M  Topic: Secondary School Mathematics from an Advanced Point of View  (3 credits)  
MAT 650N  Topic: Geometry, Algebra, Analysis  (3 credits)