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Data Analytics Technology (DAT)

DAT 610  Decision Modeling  (3 credits)  

Business decision modeling is applied in all types of organizations to complement traditional approaches to managerial decision making. This course prepares managers to be active participants in the model building process by providing hands-on experience using realistic data and commercial-level Excel software ad-ins. The modeling approach is successfully applied to decision problems in human resource management, service delivery systems, marketing, finance, production and logistics. Applications of linear programming, non-linear programming, PERT/CPM, forecasting, decision trees, queuing and Monte Carlo simulation are covered in this course.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring
DAT 612  Visual Analytics  (3 credits)  

This is an application oriented course aimed at developing skills in getting, exploring, manipulating, analyzing, and presenting business data using data visualizations. It will employ visualization software such as Tableau.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring
DAT 614  Predictive Analytics  (3 credits)  

This course will develop knowledge and skills in the use of predictive models for improving stakeholder outcomes. It will cover a wide array of supervised learning techniques from linear regression to support vector machines. Students will learn data wrangling approaches for enhancing the power of predictive models. In this hands-on course predictive models will be built using R.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring