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Health Care (HC)

HC 605  Financial Management in Health Care Organizations  (3 credits)  
HC 614A  Stragetic Planning and Marketing in Health Care  (3 credits)  
HC 650  The United States Health Care System  (3 credits)  

This course explores the past, present and future of the health care delivery system in the United States. It is designed to familiarize students with the development of the various subsystems of care and the ways in which various public, private, and social forces influence the politics of health care and mold the structure and functions of the entire system of care. Issues discussed will include managed care and its potential as a health care delivery system, the continuum of long term and mental health care, and United States Health System reform initiatives stimulated by the private sector and at various levels of government.

HC 651  Community Health Assessement  (3 credits)  

Concepts relevant to understsanding patterns of health and illness in the community are explored. Factors which influence the use of health services are discussed. Materials are drawn from various disciplines including epidemiology, vital statistics, demography, sociology, psychology and anthropology. Required of all students in the health administration track.

HC 652  Health Policy Studies  (3 credits)  

This course is designed to familiarize students with current health policy issues and to provide them with an understanding of the basic concepts of health policy, the process of health policy, and the politics of health policy development and implementation. Special attention will be given to the review and analysis of health policy issues, particularly in regard to the reform process in the United States health care system. The course explores health policy within historical, political, social, and economic contexts; examines both public and private sector initiative for health care delivery; and probes more deeply lingering health policy issues such as cost, access, quality, and appropriateness of care.

HC 660  Legal Aspects of Health Administration  (3 credits)  

Legal issues confronting the health services administrator are explored including but not limited to incorporation, taxation, regulation, reimbursement, collective bargaining, informed consent, patient's rights, medical records and malpractice. Required of all students in the health administration track with a specialization in health management.

HC 661  Hospital and Health Services Administration  (3 credits)  

This course examines the basic elements of formation and the extent of the United States health care system. The basic elements of governance and operation in the private and public sectors. The interaction of Boards of Trustees, Medical Staff and Management. Issues in Hospital Services, out-patient services, emergency services and home care. Internal and external factors affecting operation of facilities. Methods of evaluation, basic financial factors affecting revenue production and expense control. Elements of long range planning as strategy for management and leadership. Role of the manager. Creating a focus for blending program operations, financing and planning.

HC 662  Health Planning  (3 credits)  

The concepts necessary to plan and execute the construction and renovation of health care facilities are presented including cost, design, regulatory, and financing issues. The role of consultants and architects is examined. The certificate of need process and its requirements are explored. Organizational factors that facilitate or hinder the planning process are considered. Required of students in the health administration track wtih a specialization in planning and evaluation.

HC 663  Health Care Quality Assurance and Risk Management  (3 credits)  

Concepts needed to assess and assure the delivery of quality health care services are presented. The function and role of both government and private agencies in quality assurance are examined. Tools used to assess quality and improve the delivery of care in a variety of health services organizations are discussed. Risk management concepts are described. The relationship between quality assurance and risk management is delineated.

HC 664  Seminar in Health Care Topics  (3 credits)  
HC 665  Seminar in Health Services Management  (3 credits)  

This seminar focuses on topics of special interest to health management students. Examples include hospital organization and management, ambulatory care administration, public health services administration, mental health services administration, etc.

HC 666  Health Care Economics  (3 credits)  

This course examines the economic impact of various sectors of health care market, review shifts and trends in the financing of health care on a fee basis, capitation DRG and contractual basis, regulateds and unregulated markets, federal and state controls and their effect, organization of the financial arm of health care organizations and traditional providers.