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Health Informatics

HINF 610  Healthcare Environments and Delivery Systems  (3 credits)  

This course provides students with a high level understanding of the US healthcare system including: healthcare settings, reimbursement mechanisms, regulations, and professions. Health Informatics students come from diverse backgrounds and are likely to have clinical or IT experience. An overview of how the healthcare system is structured and how it has evolved over time provides a common understanding of the depth and breadth of the US healthcare system. In this course, students will learn about regulations that govern how care is provided, the role of data and systems used in the provision of care, and how data are important to assess clinical outcomes. Students will identify how health informatics can be used to: - Meet the diverse needs of interprofessional healthcare providers - Support cost-effective and safe patient care - Manage healthcare utilization.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall, and Spring, Summer 1
HINF 615  Ethics, Privacy, and Security  (3 credits)  

This course will provide an overview of the ethical and legal issues that guide the management of health information. It will cover the laws, regulations, policies, and procedures related to the confidentiality, privacy, and security on all levels of health-related information and infrastructure. This legislation includes HIPAA/HITECH Privacy Rule and Security Standards, Code Set Rules, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, and the 21st Century Cures Act Students will examine how HIPAA regulations impact provider and patient communication. Furthermore, students will explore the limits of these regulations in relations to new technology and data usage. Legal issues that relate to healthcare data, genomics, utilization management, and healthcare fraud and abuse will be considered. Students will explore the difficulty cybersecurity professionals have in keeping healthcare data secure from cyber threats.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall, Spring, Summer 1
HINF 630  Clinical Systems A  (3 credits)  

Technology has become an integral part of providing care--from electronic records and patient portals to prescriptions and clinical decision support. Clinical Systems A provides an overview of these systems as well as a view of what the IT department does to acquire, manage, and maintain the systems. Data sharing (interoperability), legislation that influenced technology adoption, as well as understanding the value of introducing new technology will also be covered.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall, Spring, & Summer 1
HINF 635  Clinical Systems B  (3 credits)  

Many of us have heard the expression “Failing to plan is planning to fail” which is attributed to both Benjamin Franklin and Alan Lakein. Project management is the science and practice behind this planning. Understanding the stakeholders, thinking about the work involved, and scheduling the aforementioned work in advance will likely lead to a project that is delivered on time and on budget. A well managed project also has a good project leader who knows what style of leadership to adopt for the situation. In Clinical Systems B: Project Management and Leadership, students will study two methods of project management, Waterfall and Agile-Scrum. Students will create a traditional Waterfall project charter and project plan, as well as elements used within an Agile-Scrum project. In addition, relevant leadership styles for managing project teams will be addressed.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall, Spring, & Summer
HINF 691  Evidence-Based Practice and Research for Health Informatics  (3 credits)  

This course is one of two final courses in the curriculum. During the semester students will fulfill 120 hours of a practical experience requirement as well as conduct a review of the literature related to their practical experience. Students will learn how to read research articles, conduct literature searches, and become familiar with writing for publication. Furthermore, students will receive preliminary guidance in reading job descriptions and developing a resume tailored to the job description.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall, Spring, & Summer