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International Business (INB)

INB 665  Comparative Business Systems and Cross-Cultural Management  (3 credits)  

Develops the knowledge and skills required for effective intercultural managerial performance. Analyzes the business systems in various countries and geographical regions. Emphasizes organization systems and management practices around the world. Examines culture, economics, politics, societal arrangements, and legal and accounting systems insofar as to influence international business operations.

INB 666  Global Business Strategy and Operations  (3 credits)  

Introduces, explores and applies the major concepts, tools and techniques of global strategy formulations and implementation. Focuses on developing strategies and on managing the operations of companies whose activities cross national boundaries.

INB 668  Legal and Regulatory Aspects of International Business  (3 credits)  

Explores the national rules and regulations and institutions governing foreign transactions. Topics include: the nature of multinational enterprises including licensing and joint ventures, financing, dispute resolution, I.M.F., the Common Market, GATT, antitrust, taxation and countertrade.

Course Rotation: TBA
INB 670  Seminar: Advanced Topics in International Business  (3 credits)  

Explores contemporary topics in international business. Covers the management of global marketing, global strategic planning and managing a global enterprise. Topics will be selected by the instructor. Contact the department for specific topic selection. In addition to a discussion of the literature, expert speakers are invited to share their experiences. The work of the seminar consists of reading, in-class discussions and the preparation of a term report. Enrollment is limited to facilitate a high level of interaction among students and faculty.

INB 670A  Asian Business Strategies  (3 credits)  

This travel course will be about understanding and managing in different cultures, doing business across cultures, and managing multi-national business affairs in the context of the USA and China. Students will study cases and hear from experts and then go visit China. The trip will include visits to Beijing and Shanghai (and Hong Kong if time permits), including companies and cultural sites such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

Prerequisites: MBA 603 or INB 640 or permission of Instructor.
INB 670B  Topic: African Financial Strategies: Emerging Markets  (3 credits)  
INB 670E  European Business Strategies  (3 credits)  
INB 670S  Topic: South American Strategies  (3 credits)  

Explores contemporary topics in international Business in South America, specifically Brazil.

INB 670T  International Entrepreneurship Field Study  (0-3 credits)  
Prerequisites: INB 640 or permission of instructor.
INB 670W  Seminar: Advanced Topics in International Business  (3 credits)  

This course will examine the interaction between business, international institutions and government in developing countries to improve the standard of living in the developing world. The emphasis will be on economic growth from the business sector and the optimum combination of intelligent government policies, effective civil society organizations and business strategies. On the field trip to Washington, D.C., possible visits include the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the World Bank, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, and Think Tanks such as the Center for Global Development, the Tanzania Embassy and local universities.

INB 673  International Human Resource Management  (3 credits)  

Directs students towards an international perspective of the human resource management (HRM) function. Students will examine the unique demands of global firms and their consequential impact on strategic human resource management issues. Specific focus will be on the need for localization of practices in different countries/regions yet necessity of integration for consistency in the organization. International HRM practices arising from cross-border alliances, joint ventures, and international acquisitions will be compared for their efficacies in a variety of situations.

INB 692Q  Research Project  (3 credits)  

Emphasizes the different research methodologies used in international business. Students are taught the basics of designing field and survey studies. Under the supervision of the research mentor, the student is expected to select a research method appropriate to the problem under investigation, to study and to conduct the research through the application of a specific research method to the problem.