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In order to receive a degree, students must become matriculated; that is, officially accepted into a degree program.

Students who wish to pursue a degree may be asked to take specific courses in order to demonstrate academic ability before being accepted into a degree program. Because many students come to Pace University with previous college credit, a meeting with an adviser is recommended for course selection. Prior credits earned will be applied to degree requirements upon the student’s acceptance into a degree program. In general, the recommended requirements for matriculation are:

Requirements For Matriculation

Completion of twelve (12) University Core credits at Pace University, including ENG 110 Composition and/or ENG 120 Critical Writing1 and a minimum 2.0 grade point average. In addition, students matriculating into the Lubin School of Business must complete MAT 103 Algebra or higher1 within the 12 University Core credits. Students[WU2]  matriculating into the Lienhard School of Nursing and the School of Education must attain a 2.75 and 3.0 grade point average respectively. (Note: All I-R and F grades must be cleared before matriculation).


Unless these writing or math courses transfer in from another institution. Other courses may be substituted.