Group of students sitting around a table

Freshmen / First Year

Candidates for admission to the freshman class should have a minimum of 16 academic units including four years of English, three to four years of history/social science, three to four years of college preparatory mathematics, two years of lab science, two years of a foreign language, and two to three academic electives.  Prior to enrolling, students must complete the high school program or GED and graduate.

High School Equivalency Diploma – Candidates for admission who scores equivalent to an 80% on a state-issued high school equivalency exam (e.g. GED, TASC, HiSET); An applicant who has taken the GED scoring less than an 80% may be eligible for admission as a non-degree student. Applicants must submit official test scores and a diploma (photocopies are not accepted) to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Note: Pace does not offer preparation courses for the GED.

Placement Examinations – Freshmen are required to take placement examinations to determine first-year programming. Details will be sent beginning in May after acceptance to the University. Upon review of Placement Exam results, an advisor will create schedule of classes based on the results of the placement test. Most students are assigned a standard course load of 12–16 credits per semester for the first year. Students who are admitted to a reduced program are advised to enroll in a program of 12–13 credits for their first year if the academic record and placement test results indicate the need for a gradual adjustment to the rigors of college-level work.

Students are bound by the degree requirements specified in the current catalog at the time of matriculation.