Adolescent Education Major in Teaching Chemistry

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements
Major Requirements 81-84
Total Credits 125-128

University Core Requirements

See complete University Core requirements.

Foundation Requirements
ENG 110Composition3
ENG 120Critical Writing4
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines3,4
COM 200Public Speaking3
Second Language Proficiency 16
MAT 131Calculus I4
CS 121Computer Programming I4,3
or CIS 101 Introduction to Computing
CHE 111General Chemistry I4
UNV 101First-Year Seminar: Introduction to University Community1
Areas of Knowledge (AOK)
WH: Western Heritage 2
Select a 3 credit course from approved list for AOK 2/WH3
WTC: World Traditions and Cultures 3
Select a 3 credit course from approved list for AOK 3/WTC.3
HCE: Humanistic and Creative Expression 4
Select a 3 credit course from approved list for AOK 4/HCE.3
HSN: Analysis of Human, Social Natural, Phenomena 5
SCI 120History and Philosophy of Science3

Major Requirements (81 - 84 Credits)

Chemistry Content Area Requirements
BIO 101General Biology I4
CHE 221Analytical Methods and Techniques4
CHE 223Organic Chemistry I5
CHE 223ROrganic Chemistry I Recitation0
CHE 224Organic Chemistry II5
CHE 224ROrganic Chemistry II Recitation0
CHE 301Physical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics4
CHE 326Biochemistry4
CHE 331Instrumental Analysis4
MAT 132Calculus II4
PHY 111General Physics I4
PHY 112General Physics II4
Adolescent Education Major Requirements
TCH 201Education I: Understanding Schools3
TCH 211AChild Abuse and Violence Prevention0
TCH 211DDASA- Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying and Discrimination in Schools, Prevention & Intervention0
TCH 215Understanding Teaching & Learning: General Curriculum Models & Methods for all Learners4
TCH 301Education II: Understanding Learning and Teaching3
TCH 412Literacy Instruction in the Secondary School3
TCH 452Language Acquisition and English Learning3
TCH 475Special Education in Secondary Settings3
TCH 495Student Teaching and Seminar in the Adolescent Classroom8
Additional Requirements
TCH 203Understanding Development: Childhood and Adolescence in Context3
TCH 309Understanding Assessment and Evaluation3
TCH 316Fieldwork I: Field Experiences in Adolescent Settings0-1
TCH 317Fieldwork II: Field Experiences in Adolescent Settings0-1
TCH 418Fieldwork III: Field Experiences in Adolecent Settings0-1
TCH 419Student Teaching Seminar in Adolescent Settings2
Content Area Methods
Select one of the following:4
Teaching English to Adolescents
Adolescent to Teaching World Languages to Adolescent
Teaching Mathematics to Adolescents
Teaching Science to Adolescents
Teaching Social Studies to Adolescents
Total Credits81-84

Students completing this program are also eligible for General Science Certification.