Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy

Once admitted to the School of Education, the applicant is considered a candidate for teacher certification. To remain in good standing and progress through a School of Education program, a candidate must maintain the same standards as those for admission throughout the program.

Prior to admission to the School of Education (SOE), University probation and dismissal policies apply. Upon admission to the School of Education the following probation policy applies:

SOE candidates will be placed on probation when:

  • The candidate's overall QPA falls below 3.0.
  • The candidate's QPA falls below 3.0 in the major (Dyson concentration or SOE major(s)).
  • The candidate receives a grade below "B" in any education course.

In the first semester that a candidate is placed on academic warning, he or she is required to meet with an adviser to develop an Action Plan to return to good standing. Probationary status may include restrictions on the type or number of courses that the candidate will be allowed to register for, and/or referral to the Center for Academic Excellence, or other support centers, for academic skill development. A candidate may also be required to retake courses. At the end of the academic warning period, the candidate must either achieve the academic requirements or show significant academic improvement in order to continue in the School of Education.

If students at the candidate level fail to achieve the required QPA or grades after the academic warning period, they may not continue in the School of Education. Candidates may appeal their dismissal from the School of Education by sending a written appeal to the Associate Dean of the School of Education no later than two weeks from the receipt of written notification of removal from the School of Education. Students may not continue in the School of Education if they fail to meet the academic requirements for more than two semesters (consecutive or nonconsecutive). Candidates who are not allowed to continue in a School of Education program must transfer to another Pace school or college. If the academic record of the candidate prohibits another Pace school or college from accepting the student, then the student may be dismissed from the University.


The School of Education Office of Student Support Services assists candidates in achieving their educational and professional goals by providing group and individualized academic advisement. A candidate seeking information and advice about program and degree options, course schedules, transfer credits, teacher certification requirements, or academic concerns is encouraged to contact the Office of Student Support Services on his or her campus at:

New York City
163 William St, 11th floor
(212) 618-6957

Buchsbaum House
(914) 773-3571

During the fall semester of freshman year, all first year students who enter Pace indicating an interest in teaching are assigned to a designated education section of UNV 101 First-Year Seminar: Introduction to University Community, taught by School of Education staff.

Students will continue to receive group advisement, information about careers in teaching, and assistance with the New York State teacher examination and certification process. Upon formal admission to the School of Education in the sophomore year, candidates in NY are assigned a faculty adviser who continues to provide academic and professional advisement and mentoring throughout the program. Candidates on the PLV campus will continue to work with the Director of Student Support Services through completion of their program. Candidates must meet with their adviser at least once each semester to review their academic progress, plan course schedules, and discuss professional plans.