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Education Minor


Required Course (3 credits)
TCH 201Understanding Schools3
Elective Courses (12 credits)
Choose any four courses listed below12
TCH 203Understanding Development: Childhood and Adolescence in Context3
TCH 204Child Development in the Context of Families3
TCH 215Understanding Teaching & Learning: General Curriculum Models & Methods for all Learners3
TCH 301Understanding Learning Environments3
TCH 306Creating Developmentally Appropriate Learning Experiences & Learning Environments in Early Childhood3
TCH 307Early Childhood Arts, Humanities, Music, & Play: Processes and Practices3
TCH 309Understanding Assessment and Evaluation3
TCH 351Foundations of Bilingual Education3
TCH 452Understanding Language, Culture, and Education3
TCH 475Introduction to Special Education3
Any Special Topics course in Education (e. g. Film in Education)3
Total Credits15