Combined BBA Public Accounting/MS Taxation Program

Campus: NYC, Westchester

The Combined BBA Public Accounting/MS Taxation Program is intended for students planning careers in accounting with a focus on tax and for others who require an in-depth understanding of both financial accounting rules and federal tax law. The accounting coursework provides a thorough understanding of how financial information is used by management, the government, and the public. In the MS part of the program, students learn how to quantify risk and predict shifts in the tax environments that affect industry. This Combined Program prepares students to become successful CPAs and provides them with the additional knowledge and tax skills necessary to succeed in a competitive business environment.

Program Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 53
BBA Requriements 48
Open Electives 5
MS Requirements 44-45
Total Credits 150-151

Undergraduate BBA Requirements

University Core Requirements (53 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

Includes several of the major-required courses listed below:

Foundation Requirement
MAT 104Finite Mathematics3
CIS 101Introduction to Computing3-4
or TS 105 Computers for Human Empowerment
Lubin Foundation Requirement in Quantitative Reasoning 1
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics3
ECO 106Principles of Economics: Microeconomics3
MAT 111Elementary Calculus I3
MAT 117Elementary Statistics 24

Major Requirements (48 Credits)

Business Core 1
ACC 203Financial Accounting4
ACC 204Managerial Accounting4
LAW 150Business Law I3
FIN 260Financial Management3
MAR 201Principles of Marketing3
MGT 150Managerial and Organizational Concepts3
Major Requirements
ACC 203Financial Accounting 2(4)
ACC 204Managerial Accounting 2(4)
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting I4
ACC 302Intermediate Accounting II4
ACC 319Cost Accounting4
ACC 375Accounting Information Systems3
Auxiliary Courses
CIS 122LAdvanced Spreadsheet Skills - Test Prep3
LAW 360Advanced Business Law4
TAX 250Federal Income Taxation I3
TAX 311Federal Income Taxation II3
Total Credits48

Open Electives (9 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 5 credits 15
Total Credits5

Graduate MS Requirements

Program Requirements (44-45 Credits)

Business Writing Proficiency Requirement: Satisfactory performance as demonstrated with a score of 4.5 or higher on the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) portion of the GMAT. A student whose grade on the AWA demonstrates weakness in writing is required to complete and pass a seven-week, pass/fail course in Business Communications (BUS 043 Business Writing).

MS Prerequisite Courses
BUS 043Business Writing1
MBA 810Business Analytics and Statistics3
CPA Review Courses (Non-credit) Required
ACC 060ACPA Review - Financial Accounting Reporting0
ACC 060BCPA Review - Auditing and Attestation0
Graduate Public Accounting Courses
ACC 620Accounting Entities3
ACC 632Auditing3
ACC 635Advanced Auditing Practices2
ACC 649Contemporary Accounting Issues3
MS Taxation Core Courses
TAX 625Tax Practice, Procedure and Research3
TAX 627Advanced Concepts of Taxation3
TAX 656Advanced Corporate Income Taxation I3
TAX 696QResearch Project3
Specialization Electives
Choose five of the following courses:15
Taxation of Employee Benefits
Tax Problems of Engaging in Interstate Commerce
International Taxation I
International Taxation II
Tax Accounting
Estate Planning I
Estate Planning II
Tax Problems of Partnership Organizations
Taxation of Securities and Financial Instruments
Seminar in Taxation
Advanced Corporate Income Tax II
Capstone Course
MBA 820Strategic Decisions3
Total Credits45