Group of students sitting around a table

Noncredit courses are offered at elementary to advanced proficiency levels. All students are tested and placed in the appropriate level. Students select courses according to their goals and interests. At the lower levels, students take the Intensive English Courses in grammar, writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Grammar and vocabulary are taught in context in all courses, and class discussion is strongly encouraged.  Students can choose from a wide selection of elective courses to complete a schedule.

At the advanced level, students may choose between three tracks: the Intensive English Program, the Pre-Undergraduate Program, or the Pre-Graduate Program. The Intensive English Program is for students who are studying English for general purposes. It emphasizes American culture and uses materials from a wide variety of sources including the popular media. The Pre-Undergraduate Program and the Pre-Graduate Program are designed for students who plan to apply to degree programs at Pace or another American university. The curriculum is content-based, emphasizing the language and skills needed to succeed in an American university and using primarily academic materials. Students increase their fluency in English by studying various academic topics using authentic reading material (textbook chapters, essays, and literature) and videotaped lectures. They learn research skills, write academic papers, practice note-taking, learn test-taking strategies, and make oral presentations. TOEFL preparation courses (for non-native speakers) are also offered.

Advanced-level students may be allowed to take one or two undergraduate courses in addition to their ELI courses if they are academically qualified.  These credits can be applied to a degree program if the student matriculates.

ELI course sections are letter graded. Grades are recorded in the University’s student records, and official transcripts can be obtained online via the National Student Clearinghouse website or MyHub. Certificates of completion are available upon request.