Pace International

Pace University recognizes the importance of comprehensive internationalization and strives to promote global awareness and cross-cultural competence.  The three units within Pace International – Education Abroad, International Students & Scholars, and Global Pathways - support students, faculty, and staff by providing interdisciplinary educational programs and international student/scholar services that will enhance global competencies, foster a stronger cultural connection, and prepare the Pace community for an interconnected global experience.

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  • New York City, 163 William Street, 16th Floor, T (212) 346-1368, F (212) 346-1948
  • Pleasantville1, Kessel Student Center, T 212 (914) 773-3425, F (914) 773-3399
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International Students and Scholars

International Students & Scholars (ISS) supports the internationalization efforts of Pace University by serving as the primary resource center for international students, scholars, their dependents and the University community. The Office promotes international and cross-cultural communication and understanding.

ISS assists with matters of special concerns of the international population.  ISS strives to educate and inform each international student and scholar through providing information prior to their arrival, conducting orientation programs, advising on visa and employment matters, legal rights and responsibilities, health insurance, adjustment issues and personal concerns, and coordinating a variety of programs and activities on campus.  ISS is responsible for institutional compliance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of State (DOS) regulations.  For detailed information, please visit the following website:

Education Abroad

Pace University values an international experience as integral to the student curriculum and Education Abroad supports this endeavor by offering numerous opportunities for study abroad in long, mid, and short-term programs.

For semester/year study abroad, students take a normal course load as defined and approved by their academic advisor while enrolled in an international institution for a semester or year.  Students pay Pace tuition and are eligible to retain part of their Pace scholarship dependent on the program.  Credits transfer back to Pace. 

Short-term programs include faculty-led programs taught by Pace faculty as well as a variety of courses offered by Pace Global Partners and study abroad providers.  These courses are typically offered during January or summer.  Pace Education Abroad also assists faculty members interested in organizing faculty-led courses. 

Education Abroad offers pre-departure orientations, re-entry orientations, as well as advising for all students studying abroad.

For more information on study abroad destinations, programs and options please visit:

Global Pathways

Global Pathways Office supports all new and continuing students academically, culturally, and socially, who are enrolled in Pace’s Global Pathways Program.

The Global Pathways Program is designed for international students who meet all of the academic criteria for admission to an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Pace, but do not meet the English language requirement. While in Pathways, students have a chance to improve their English proficiency by taking English courses delivered by Pace’s  English Language Institute (ELI) and  earn academic credits that will be counted towards their future degree if they complete Pathways successfully and matriculate into their degree program at Pace.

Global Pathways provides academic, cultural, and immigration pre-arrival advising to all newly admitted students;  post-arrival orientation programs for new students; assistance with registration for courses every semester; academic, immigration, and socio-cultural advising to continuing students; assistance with housing and health insurance matters; monthly socio-cultural programming; free English tutoring service and peer advising program.