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Pforzheimer Honors College

The Pforzheimer Honors College maximizes opportunities for Pace’s best undergraduate students.  By fostering the development of outstanding students, by enabling them to exercise greater responsibility and initiative in their academic work, and by providing them with exceptional opportunities for growth - both inside and outside of the classroom – Honors makes college transformative. The Honors College sees its students as equal partners in a scholarly community of students, staff, and professors. The Honors College is open to all qualifying Pace students, regardless of major.

Eligibility for membership is competitive and is based on a student’s prior academic achievements. Students selected for membership receive Honors scholarships. Honors courses, taught by the top professors at Pace, are taken throughout all four undergraduate years. In the junior or senior year, all students complete a thesis in which a student collaborates with a faculty mentor on a major project. The results of this research are presented at the annual Undergraduate Research Showcase in May or during thesis presentation conferences, and may then be published in Pace University's scholarly journal and on the Honors College website. Honors students are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 grant towards their Honors Thesis and/or $1,000 for travel courses or a study abroad semester.

Honors students benefit from a variety of special activities and events on campus as well as trips that provide access to the New York City area’s museums and theaters. Additionally, Honors students have Honors College advisers, receive the Honors College newsletter, may use the Honors lounge and student work spaces, may choose to live in all-Honors residences (in Pleasantville all first-year students residing on campus live in the Honors FIG), are paired with an upper-class Honors mentor, enjoy early registration, and much more. Honors courses are noted on the student’s transcript, and an Honors certificate and medallion are awarded at graduation.

Students should contact the specific campus office for the Pforzheimer Honors College they are interested in attending to learn more about the unique academic requirements, programming, and benefits of the Honors College. More information is available on our web site at

For additional information contact the Pforzheimer Honors College:

  • Pleasantville Campus, Kessel Center, Suite 200 (914) 773-3848
  • New York Campus, One Pace Plaza, Room W207-209, (212) 346-1697