Group of students sitting around a table

Double Line Policy

The University is aware that students may experience academic difficulty early in their studies. Former undergraduate matriculated students not enrolled at Pace University for a period of three years, with a cumulative QPA below a 2.0, and who have not attempted more than a total of 60 credit hours who seek reinstatement can apply for a “Double Line”.  With Advisor or Dean(s) approval a Double Line will be drawn across the student’s academic record marking this change.  All credits earned prior to the approval of the double line, for which passing grades are earned, will remain applicable towards the degree requirements, but will no longer be computed in the cumulative GPA. A minimum of 30 -32 credits (depending upon academic program) beyond the double line must be completed at Pace. This policy does not apply to non-matriculated students or those in the Challenge to Achievement Program.