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Investment Management, MS

Campus: NYC

Preliminary Skill and Prerequisite Courses (0-9 credits)
MBA 804Financial Accounting for Managers3
MBA 810Business Analytics and Statistics3
MBA 808Creating Value Through Finance3
Core Courses (21 credits)
FIN 650Applied Analytical Methods in Finance3
FIN 652Investment Analysis3
FIN 653Portfolio Analysis and Management3
FIN 654Risk Management and Capital Market3
FIN 672Strategies in Investments, Options and Futures3
FIN 679Fixed Income Markets and Analytics3
FIN 687Applied Investment Management and Policy3
Specialization Electives (9 credits)
Select three courses from the following:
Theory and Analysis of Financial Statements 1
Money and Capital Markets
International Banking and Financial Markets
Personal Financial Management
Contemporary Topics in Investment Management
Research Project
Valuation of the Firm
International Field Study
Behavioral Finance
Real Estate Finance
Financial Econometrics
Specialization Electives in Financial Management (0-3 credits)
You may take up to one of the following, but none are required. 2
Financial Strategy and Business Decisions
Advanced Corporate Finance
International Corporate Finance
Contemporary Topics in Financial Management
Private Equity
Total Credits30-42

Students intending to take the CFA or planning to go into professions dealing with analysis of corporations are recommended to take ACC 645 Theory and Analysis of Financial Statements.


Students may take up to one (1) course listed under Specialization Electives in Financial Management, but none are required.