Corporate Finance, MBA

Campus: NYC

Advance your career in an exciting, fast-paced industry with high risk and equivalent rewards. With an MBA in Corporate Finance, you can play a central role in financial institutions, brokerages, insurance companies, and many other finance-driven industries.

Core Curriculum (27 credits)
MBA 802Business Economics for Decision-Making3
MBA 804Financial Accounting for Managers3
MBA 806Driving Marketing Performance3
MBA 808Creating Value Through Finance3
MBA 810Business Analytics and Statistics3
MBA 812Managing Operations and Projects3
MBA 814Leading and Managing Teams3
MBA 816Disruptive Technologies and Innovation3
MBA 818Global Business, Ethics, and Social Responsibility3
Concentration Electives (9 credits)
Choose three (3) courses from the following:
Behavioral Finance
Advanced Corporate Finance
International Corporate Finance
Financial Strategy and Business Decisions
Capstone (3 credits)
MBA 820Strategic Decisions3
Total Credits39