Group of students sitting around a table

Independent Study

The independent scholar will work under the direct supervision of a faculty member specifically qualified in the area of the student’s interest. The area proposed for independent study need not be drawn from fields already offered in the curriculum, provided it constitutes a reasonable supplement to work already undertaken.

A student considering registering for independent study should consult with the appropriate department chair and/ or the faculty member with whom he or she is interested in working. Independent Study Application should be completed by the student in consultation with the proposed supervising instructor. The student and instructor should agree on the description of the project and on the method of appraisal and grading, number of contact hours, due date, etc. The completed application should then be submitted for approval to the department chairperson and Assistant/Associate Dean of the school in which the independent study is undertaken.

After the application has been approved, the student submits the application to their advisor to process the course registration. Students must complete registration for independent study by the second week of the semester.