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Planning Your Lubin Education

Sequencing of Courses in the BBA Program

Study in the first two years, or 64 credits, of the Lubin BBA program has been designed to give students an essential grounding in broad-based liberal arts and sciences courses as required in the University Core Curriculum. Business students must complete most of their liberal arts courses and all of their Core requirements in ENG 110 Composition (unless exempt), ENG 120 Critical Writing, economics, mathematics, public speaking, computing, and statistics during their first 64 credits. The junior and senior years are devoted mainly to Business Core, Major requirements and Open Electives. The business course numbering system will help students select their courses in the proper sequence.

Business Course Numbering System

In order to improve the sequencing of the business courses and to provide students with guidance as to when they should take their business requirements, the Lubin School has a four-tier course numbering system. The course numbers correspond to class standing, which is determined by the number of credits completed at each level as indicated in the Four-tier Business Course Numbering System. Students are to follow this sequence in registering for business courses.

Four-tier Business Course Numbering System

Course Number Class Standing
100-199 Freshman (0-31 credits)
200-299 Sophomore (32-63 credits)
300-399 Junior (64-95 credits)
400-499 Senior (96 credits and above)