Latin American Studies Certificate

Campus: NYC, Westchester

This certificate in Latin American Studies is a multidisciplinary program that includes courses in History, Economics, Modern Languages and Cultures, Anthropology, English, Psychology, Environmental Studies and Fine Arts, together with "LAS" interdisciplinary offerings. In 2002, the program's strong interdisciplinary learning, language proficiency and civic engagement aspects won a prestigious federal grant. LAS certificate holders possess superior preparation for those planning to specialize in the Latin American region or US Latino clientele. Examples are business and academic careers such as international management, finance, marketing and world trade; diplomacy and law; community nursing, speech therapy and clinical psychology. The certificate will also enhance liberal arts majors, such as history, political science, sociology, anthropology, languages, economics, and environmental science. It is a terminal credential which may be taken by both degree and non-degree students. Depending on course scheduling, it may be completed in one or two semesters.

Certificate Requirements

Foundation Courses
Select at least one course from each Group:9
Group A
Spanish for Native Speakers
Intensive Review of Spanish
Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Intermediate Spanish Composition
Group B
Latin America: The Colonial Era
Modern Latin America
Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution
Traditional and Modern Cultures of Latin America and Caribbean
The Other "America": Introduction to Latin American Studies
Latin Immigration to the USA: Perspectives on the United States' Largest Ethnic Minority
Advanced Courses
Select at least one course from each Group:9
Group C
Introduction to Latin American Culture
Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature I
Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature II: Dictatorships
Literature and Culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Modern Latin American Prose
The Short Story and Essay in Spanish America
Latin American Theatre
The Culture of Mexico
Latin American Cinema
Topic: Negotiating Border Lines - Latino Films of the United States
Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States
Modern Latin American Divas: Female Political, Social and Cultural Leadership in the Republican Era
Luz, Camara, Accion! : Film as Mirror of Social Change in Latin American History and Culture
Caribbean Transnational Cultures: The History, Literature and Film of the Spanish Caribbean
American Voices
Group D
South American Colossus: The History of Modern Brazil
Service and Study in Latin America
Environmental Policy and History: South American Rain Forest
Latin America: The Caribbean and the World 1
"So Far from God; So Close to Uncle Sam:" Modern Mexico in History and Literature
Political Economy of Developing Nations
Topic: Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the United States of America: The Latino Experience
Total Credits18

Gainful Employment Disclosure for students in an approved non-degree certificate program.