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Resumption of Study

Students who discontinue study/or have not been in attendance for one or more semesters (not including the summer session) must file an online Application for Resumption of Study through the Office of the Registrar webpage.   The form needs to be completed at least three months prior to the opening of the semester to receive Academic approval in time for registration. International Students resuming their studies will need to review Pace’s procedures on how to resume studies.  The student will be notified in writing whether the request for resumption of studies has been approved.

Students who attended an approved undergraduate institution (approved by Pace prior to leaving) while not attending Pace will need to send the Official transcript(s) to Pace for evaluation.  If you did not receive prior approval from Pace University Dean/Academic Advisor there is no guarantee that the credits will be transferred and applied to your Pace degree requirements.  All transcripts must obtain approval from the Pace academic department of all undergraduate institutions attended since last enrollment at Pace and must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar before approval to resume study will be granted. Refer to Pace’s transfer credit policy

In general, the requirements for graduation are listed in the catalog active when the student originally enrolled. If a student interrupts studies for a period of more than three years, the student must comply with the requirements of the catalog in effect when the semester study is resumed. In addition, only courses completed within the previous five years may be applied to the resuming student's degree program.

To apply: The online Resumption of Studies application is available here.  Students who do not have an active Pace Portal Account can locate the form at the bottom of the page

For additional information on Resumption of Studies policies visit this page.