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Withdrawal Policy

Students receive no credit for courses they discontinue. Withdrawal after the second week of class in a 14- or 15-week semester or its equivalent will result in a grade of “W” which will not affect the student's GPA. Withdrawals are permitted prior to the dates indicated:

Term Length: Withdrawal Without Permission End of: Withdrawal With Permission During the:
Regular 14/15/16 semester 8th week of class 9th and 10th week of class
Two-track (7 Weeks) 2nd week of class 3rd week of class
One-week term 4th day of class 5th day of class
Two-week term 1st week of class 8th - 9th day of class
Three-week term 12th day of class 13th - 16th day of class
Four-week term 2nd week of class 15th – 19th day of class
Five-week term 19th day of class 20th – 26th day of class
Six-week term 3rd week of class 4th week of class
Six-weekend modules 2nd week of class 15th – 19th day of class
Intensive weekend 1st day of class 2nd day of class
Seven-week class 26th day of class 27th – 33rd day of class
Eight-week class 4th week of class 5th week of class
Nine-week term 33rd day of class 34th – 40th day of class
Ten-week term 5th week of class 6th week of class
Eleven-week term 40th day of class 41st – 47th day of class
Twelve-week term 6th week of class 7th week of class
Thirteen-week term 47th day of class 48th – 54th day of class

A “Withdraw With Permission”, requires the permission of the instructor of the course and the Assistant/Associate Dean of the school in which the student is matriculated. Students who do not withdraw online or file for withdrawal with the University within these times will continue to be registered for the course(s) and will be assigned an “F” in the course(s) affected if they have not completed the requirements of the course(s). Under exceptional circumstances, a student may withdraw without academic penalty from a class after the established time limit, but only with permission from the school that administers the student’s academic major, in consultation with the school from which the course originates. Withdrawals are not permitted after a degree has been awarded. Please consult the most current undergraduate/graduate catalog for complete information regarding University policies and regulations.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from courses he or she has registered for. Failure to officially withdraw will result in tuition liability. Students may withdraw online through the Pace Portal or by filing with the Office of the Registrar. Non-attendance of classes, informing the instructor of withdrawal, or stopping payment on a check does not constitute official withdrawal and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation, or entitle the student to a refund. A student who registers and does not attend class remains fully responsible for all financial obligations.