Public Health Minor

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Public Health is an interdisciplinary field that combines the evaluation of the structural, behavioral, environmental and biological determinants of health with evidence-based policy development to protect and improve the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations, locally and globally. The Public Health Minor is designed for students interested in pursuing careers that focus on improving public health. Current Health Science, Environmental Studies & Science, Biology, and Psychology majors are particularly suited for this area of study as well as students from all majors with an interest in public health. This minor requires that students take five courses (a minimum of 15 credits) across at least TWO disciplines from the following list. At least ONE course should be a 300-level course.

Students are required to take five courses across at least two host programs from the following list. At least one course should be a 300-level course.

Please Note:  Some courses listed below have prerequisite requirements.

Health Science Courses

HSC 200Health Care for Diverse Populations3
HSC 210Health Care Policy3
HSC 305Introduction to Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Practice3
HSC 315Global Health IT and Innovations3
HSC 320Global Primary Health Care: An Introduction3
HSC 330Global Environmental Health3

Biology Courses

BIO 205Concepts of Environmental Science3
BIO 231Genetics4
BIO 264Microbiology4
BIO 306Advanced Microbiology3
BIO 399CTopic: Cancer Cell Biology3-4
BIO 345Introduction to Toxicology3
BIO 359Immunology4
BIO 357Parasitology3
BIO 358Introduction to Virology3

Environmental Studies and Science Courses

ENV 115Healthy Living in a Sustainable World3
ENS 201Fundamentals of Environmental Science I4
ENS 202Fundamentals of Environmental Science I4
ENV 245Environmental Justice3
ENV 265Multiple Environmental Knowledges3
ENV 285Food Revolutions: The Politics3
ENV 260Climate Change3
ENV 297MTopic: Humans and Ecosystems3
ENV 297PTopics: Urban Environmental Geography3
ENV 310Environmental Policy and Sustainable Governance3
ENV 320Environmental Assessment3

Psychology Courses

PSY 296KUnderstanding a Globalized World3
PSY 202Psychology of Violence3
PSY 209Health Psychology3
PSY 278Environmental Psychology3
PSY 311Biological Psychology4
PSY 375Lifespan Development Psychology4
PSY 696PPsychology of Health, Well-being, and Happiness: Biopsychosocial, Cultural, & Spiritual Perspectives3

Total Credits: 15