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College of Health Professions Centers

The College of Health Professions has many important centers that support the academic mission of the College:

ALPS (Advancing Leadership, Partnerships, and Scholarship)

The College of Health Professions' Center of Excellence, is dedicated to supporting the academic mission of the College of Health Professions through external funding, facilitation of faculty scholarship, student opportunities, partnerships, and leadership development. The Center provides opportunities for faculty to develop their scholarship in education, research and practice through a variety of partnerships at the local, national and international levels, and access to internal and external funding. To learn more about research CHP has facilitated, please visit

The Center facilitates student-centered learning experiences that further enhance the high quality professional education of College of Health Professions students to prepare them to embrace the professional challenges in health care in the 21st Century. The Center promotes leadership development in nursing and health care.  For more information about ALPS, please visit

Center for Excellence in Healthcare Simulation

The Interprofessional Center for Excellence in Healthcare Simulation offers state-of-the-art resources on both Pleasantville (PLV) and New York City (NYC) campuses. The simulation lab offers a variety of clinical focused learning opportunities ranging from fundamental skills to high fidelity simulation. This is accomplished through the utilization of a wide array of methodologies including task trainers, Human Patient Simulators (manikins that look human and mimic a variety of physiological functions) and Standardized Patients (actors who play the role of patients). Hospital-like settings and clinic simulated environments provide students an opportunity to practice skills at basic and advanced levels across the curriculum. The lab's equipment and design replicate various healthcare settings including pediatrics, maternity, medical-surgical and critical care units. Human patient simulators (HPS) including METIman, SimMan Essential, SimMom, SimJunior, and SimBaby allow students to practice skills, develop critical thinking, and improve performance in a safe and nurturing environment through scenario-based educational experiences. It is equipped with video capture and play-back capabilities which encourage student self-reflection and opportunities to identify areas for improvement in small group debriefing sessions.

Center for Research in Primary Health Care

The mission of the Center is to improve population health by conducting and disseminating research in primary health care.

University Health Care (UHC)

UHC has been providing accessible, high-quality health care since the 1970s. Services are available for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their families. Part of the Lienhard School of Nursing, UHC was one of the first nurse-run and nurse-managed university healthcare centers in the nation.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Center

The Center has served the needs of the University and its surrounding community for more than 30 years. The newly renovated Center is home to state-of-the-art equipment and technology for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of communication disorders. The Center serves as an integral part of the education and training of undergraduate and potential graduate students enrolled in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program. Licensed and certified speech-language pathologists supervise and work hand-in-hand with undergraduate students to provide hands-on training and education.