Literacy Specialist and Special Education (Adolescent Track), MSEd

The Dual Certification for Literacy and Special Education offered on the New York and Pleasantville campuses provides a program of teacher education to students in the fields of both content area literacy and special education. Classes are offered in Research, Differentiated Teaching Methods, Diagnosis and Assessment, Technological Integration, Writing and Media Production, and Literature. The 39-credit degree permits students to develop a solid level of competence in the field, grounded in teaching a diverse population of students with ranges in achievement competencies. Classes will be offered through face-to-face, hybrid, and online coursework in lecture, field experiences, and practica experiences.

The practica will take place in the final semester in which the candidates complete 50-hours in Literacy in Adolescent  (in young adolescent and then high school level placements) tracks as was chosen, and also in 40 full-time days in the same track in Special Education. In some circumstances, the required practica can take place over two full semesters in after-school hours.


Special Education (7-12) AND Literacy Specialist in Adolescent (5-12)

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Fall 1Credits
ED 755B Literacy Instruction & Technological Applications for a Diverse Population of Middle Grade Students 3
EDG 607 Supporting Positive Behavior and Autonomy 3
ED 671 Assessment, Diagnosis, Evaluation and Instructional Planning 3
Spring 1
ED 650 Research/Theory in Developing Literacy 3
ED 757 Adolescent Content Literacies in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Settings (Grades 9-12) 3
ED 677 Literacy for Children with Special Needs 3
Summer 1-1
ED 652 Assessment in Literacy: Grades B - 12 3
Year 2
Fall 2
EDG 618 Individual Program Planning 3
ED 758 Instructional Approaches for Tchng Writing, Digital Cmpsng, & Media Prdctn for a Diverse Pop of Stds 3
ED 690 Teacher as Researcher 3
Spring 2
ED 694B Literacy Practicum II Grades 5-12 3
ED 679 Practicum in Special Education 3
Summer 2-1
ED 754 Literature and Digital Storytelling 3
 Total Credits39