Group of students sitting around a table

Request for an Accommodation

To request an accommodation for a qualifying disability, a student must self-identify and register with the Student Accessibility Services for his or her campus.  The Student Accessibility Services is housed in the Counseling Center on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses. The  Student Accessibility Services for the New York City campus may be contacted at 212-346-1526 or 156 William Street, 8th Floor. The Office of Disability Services for the Westchester campuses may be contacted at 914-773-3710 or the Administration Center, 861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville. Notifying other University offices, faculty or staff does not constitute giving notice to the University of a request for an accommodation. No one, including faculty, is authorized to evaluate the need and arrange for an accommodation except the Student Accessibility Services staff. Moreover, no one, including faculty, is authorized to contact the Student Accessibility Services on behalf of a student.

It is the student’s responsibility to request an accommodation. Because some accommodations may take considerable time to arrange, students are urged to contact the Student Accessibility Services in order to request an accommodation as soon as possible after receiving notice of admission to the University. Untimely requests may result in delay, substitution, or an inability to provide an accommodation. If a request for an accommodation is submitted late, the Student Accessibility Services will, nevertheless, make every reasonable effort to process the request for an accommodation.

Before an accommodation will be provided, the student may be required to submit medical and/or other diagnostic information concerning the student’s impairments and limitations. If the information provided is unclear or incomplete, the student may be required to provide additional information or participate in further evaluations. The Student Accessibility Services will, in conjunction with others as may be appropriate, evaluate the information provided by the student and health care providers; refer the student for additional testing and evaluation as may be necessary; make recommendations for the accommodations to be provided to the student; and, assist in arranging for the implementation of the accommodation to be provided.

If a student experiences difficulties with the implementation of the accommodation or, if after it has been implemented, a student has concerns that the expected results of the accommodation are not being met, the student must promptly notify the Student Accessibility Services. The Student Accessibility Services will, as may be appropriate, endeavor to remedy the situation. If a student disagrees with the accommodation recommended by the Office of Disability Services, he or she should promptly appeal the recommendation to the Assistant Dean for Community Standards and Compliance at 914-773-3168.

Faculty members who have concerns about a reasonable accommodation recommended by the Student Accessibility Services for his or her class, should contact the Student Accessibility Services on the appropriate campus.

Depending on the nature of the disability and the accommodation provided, a student may be required periodically to submit medical and/or diagnostic information demonstrating the current status of the disability and/or to renew the request for an accommodation.

Any questions about the services offered by the University to students with disabilities or the procedures for requesting an accommodation should be directed to the Student Accessibility Services for the New York City campus at 212-346-1199 or for the Westchester campuses at 914-773-3710.