Grading System

A letter grade is awarded as a measure of student performance only by the faculty member assigned to a particular course and section. The spectrum of letter grades ranges from "A" through "C" and "F"; in addition, certain plus and minus refinements to the letter grades are available to allow faculty greater flexibility in the measurement of student performance. Specific grading policies are established by the instructor in a given course. Each letter grade translates into quality points as cited below. The quality point average (QPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points by the number of credits attempted at Pace, including a grade of "F", but not grades of  "W", "K", "P", "SAT", "UNS", or "AUD". A QPA of 3.00 is necessary for graduation.

Grade Description Quantitative
A, A- Excellent 90-100%
B+, B, B- Good 80-89%
C+, C Satisfactory 70-79%
F Failing 0-69%
K Grade Pending1 None
P Pass (Pass/Fail Course) None
W Authorized Withdrawal None
I Work Incomplete becomes F-if not made up within 6 weeks None
I-F Unauthorized withdrawal-not eligible to make up work 0-69%
SAT Satisfactory None
UNS Unsatisfactory None
AUD Auditor-No credit granted for course None