Information Systems Major, BS

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-53
Major Requirements 64-65
Electives 2-12
Total Credits 120

University Core Requirements

See complete University Core requirements.

Includes several of the major-required courses listed below:

Foundation Requirements
MAT 131Calculus I4
CS 121Computer Programming I4
Areas of Knowledge
Two courses for each of the four Areas of Knowlege 124

Major Requirements (64-65)

Information Systems Core
CIT 211Introduction to Computer Systems4
CIT 221Global Networking Technology4
CIT 241Database Management4
CIT 312Introduction to Programming I4
CIT 314Introduction to Programming II4
CIT 322Distributed Computing4
CIT 342Systems Analysis and Design4
CIT 481Capstone in Information Technology4
or CIT 471 Information Technology Internship
Select three of the following:11-12
Web Authoring and Digital Media
Computer Security Overview
Visual Basic Programming
Multimedia and User Interface Design
Web Scripting
Project Management
Database Programming
Data Mining
Network and Internet Security
Computer Forensics
Operating Systems Concepts
CS 113Mathematical Structures for Computer Science4
MAT 111Elementary Calculus I 1(3)
MAT 234Introduction to Probability and Statistical Analysis 1(4)
IS Environment
ACC 203Financial Accounting4
ACC 204Managerial Accounting4
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics3
MGT 150Managerial and Organizational Concepts3
MAR 201Principles of Marketing3
Total Credits64-65

Electives (2-12 Credits)

Select 2-12 credits 12-12
Total Credits2-12

Note: ENG 105C Composition and Rhetoric & ENG 105D Composition and Rhetoric II - CAP, MAT 100 Fundamental Mathematics, and MAT 103 Algebra cannot be used towards the 120 credits for graduation