Computer Science Major, BA

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-53
Major Requirements 50
Sample Minors 15-19
Open Electives 1-18
Total Credits 120

University Core Requirements (44-53 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

Seidenberg majors are required to complete the MAT 131 Calculus I and CS 121 Computer Programming I from the Foundation Requirements, and are required to complete two courses from each of the four Areas of Knowledge.

Major Requirements (50 Credits)

Computing Core 1
CS 121Computer Programming I 24
CS 113Mathematical Structures for Computer Science4
CS 122Computer Programming II4
CS 232Computer Organization4
CS 241Data Structures and Algorithms4
CS 271Fundamentals of UNIX and C Programming2
Advanced Required Courses
CS 242Algorithms and Computing Theory4
CS 488Computer Networks and the Internet4
Advanced Electives
CSAdvanced Electives in CS8
MAT 131Calculus I 24
MAT 132Calculus II4
MAT 234Introduction to Probability and Statistical Analysis4
Total Credits50

Sample Minors

Minor Courses: Students in the BA/CS program will enhance their major with a minor or concentration offered by Pace University. For the purpose of illustration, we detail minors in Information Technology, Computer Information Technology and Information Assurance for the Criminal Justice System (cybersecurity).  Other minors may be selected from one of the many disciplines within another Pace School.  For example, the Digital Design minor, Economics minor etc can be satisfied by the required courses as approved by the relevant school. Once the minor requirement is fulfilled, the completion of 120 credits can be satisfied through elective courses.

Sample Minors for the BA in Computer Science

Seidenberg BA CS students can take a minor from within the Seidenberg School, for example Computer Information Technology (15-16 credits) or Information Assurance in the Criminal Justice System (19 credits).

For the CIT minor, students can take either Option 1 (4 CIT courses) or Option 2 (a blend of CIS civic engagement courses and CIT courses).

The minor in Information Assurance in the Criminal Justice System is a pathway to a career in cybersecurity.

Other popular minors within other Pace schools for BA CS students include Digital Design, Mathematics, Economics, Marketing and General Business.

Open Electives (1-18 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 1-18 credits 11-18
Total Credits1-18

Note: ENG 105C Composition and Rhetoric &ENG 105D Composition and Rhetoric II - CAP, MAT 100 Fundamental Mathematics, and MAT 103 Algebra cannot be used towards the 120 credits for graduation.