Academic Policy

Entry into the School of Education

Upon acceptance to Pace University, students who indicate their interest in teacher preparation become designated as Pre-Teach students. In their first semester, students take a special section of UNV 101 First-Year Seminar: Introduction to University Community, taught by a staff member from the School of Education. In the Pre-Teach phase of the programs, students also complete two or three Education courses.

Before students advance into the Teach phase of the program and take any additional courses from the School of Education, they must apply and be formally admitted to the School. Students apply to the School of Education during the semester in which they have completed their 45 credits, includingTCH 201 Education I: Understanding Schools. School of Education faculty and staff assist students with all aspects of the application. Once accepted, students become designated as Teaching Candidates.

All applicants must receive a positive recommendation from the TCH 201 Education I: Understanding Schools professor to be eligible for formal admission to the School of Education.

Consistent with its mission and motto of Opportunitas, Pace University provides prospective teachers with multiple paths, assessments and support for meeting the high standards of entry into the School of Education. Students are required to meet the Program Admission Requirements outlined below.  However, students who may not meet one or more of the admission requirements are provided with a variety of alternative ways to demonstrate that they meet or exceed the program entrance criteria. Students who do not meet the requirements for full admission but who do meet conditional entry requirements will complete a Competency Contract outlining an Action Plan for demonstrating competence in any knowledge-base or skill identified as below criteria. For example, if an applicant receives a grade below B- in ENG 110 Composition, the applicant will be provided with a variety of options to meet this standard. These options would include demonstrating the knowledge or skill through:

  1. portfolio,
  2. examination,
  3. some other means detailed in the Action Plan, or
  4. earn a grade of B- or better in ENG 120 Critical Writing.

Additional individual assistance in meeting entrance standards is available through Pre-Teach courses and seminars and through the University Center for Academic Excellence and the School of Education Office of Student Support Services. Applicants may be admitted conditionally to the School of Education for one semester. Applicants who do not meet all standards for full admission by the end of that semester will have their academic record reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee with the potential outcome that they will not be allowed to continue in the School of Education.