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Tuition Cancellation Policy

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Tuition and special course fees are cancelled only in the following situations:

  1. When a student is separated from the University for academic reasons prior to the end of a semester;
  2. Officially withdraws from any course or courses, regardless of the method of instruction, by filing a written notice to the Univeristy; or
  3. Officially withdraws using the Portal at

Please note: Application, technology, general institution, and university health care fees are not refundable. Tuition cancellation will be made according to the schedule associated with the term of enrollment. Please see the Tuition Cancellation Schedule for more information.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from courses for which the student has registered. Failure to officially withdraw will result in tuition liability. Students may withdraw online through the MyPace Portal or by filing with the Office of the Registrar.  Non-attendance of classes, informing the instructor of withdrawal, or stopping payment on a check does not constitute official withdrawal and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation, or entitle the student to a refund. A student who registers for class and does not attend class remains fully responsible for all financial obligations. In addition, federal financial aid recipients who cease attending classes for a term, but do not officially withdraw, will be deemed to have unofficially withdrawn and will have a portion of their federal aid cancelled after the close of the term when their failure to complete their courses is recorded.

It is important to note that all charges and cancellations are based upon tuition commitments for the full semester. The effective date of withdrawal and cancellation, if any, will be the date when formal application is filed with Student Accounts (notification to the instructor is not sufficient) or withdrawal via the MyPace Portal.  In the case of withdrawal by mail, the official postmarked date of the correspondence will be the effective date of withdrawal.

Students registered for a monthly payment plan are responsible for completing all payments if a balance exists after cancellation of tuition. Application, technology, general institution, university health care, student activity fee, and non-course fees are not refundable.