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General Rules Covering All Financial Aid

General Rules covering all Financial Aid:

  • Any combination of tuition-specific Pace-funded scholarships, grants or awards and New York State or other tuition-specific funding cannot exceed your actual tuition charges.
  • All financial aid combined may not exceed your Cost of Attendance.
  • You must be matriculated in a degree program at Pace University in order to receive any financial aid other than Alternative Loans. (Some certificate program students also qualify). Matriculated means that you are admitted to and enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  • Generally, students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits per semester) to qualify for aid. Exceptions are federal Pell Grants and Alternative Loans.

Note: Program guidelines and funding levels, especially for New York State and Federal aid, are subject to change without enough advance notice to be corrected in this publication. The University must reserve the right to modify the amount of an award at any time on the basis of outside awards or eligibility factors not known when an award is originally offered. In addition, Pace University reserves the right to cancel or adjust any award, grant, loan or work study offer in view of a change in your financial need or if we receive information indicating that you have provided incorrect or incomplete information on the financial aid application forms or due to your failure to comply with University regulations relating to conduct and/or academic integrity.