Software Development & Engineering, MS

Campus: NYC

This program is one of the very few graduate programs in Software Development and Engineering in the entire New York City area. This 36-credit advanced program provides you with the opportunity to focus on the application of engineering principles to the development process and is distinguished by a rigorous, in-depth study of the problems of managing, designing, developing, delivering, and maintaining large software systems.

Students completing the MS in Software Development and Engineering program will be prepared to sit for the exam leading to the Certified Software Development Associate (CSDA) credential developed by the Computing Society of the IEEE, the world’s leading organization of computing professionals. Students who successfully pass this exam will enter the field, or continue their careers, with both an impressive degree and a highly coveted certification; a powerful combination for professional advancement. 

All incoming students are required to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or related experience. 

Although competency in programming is required for admission into the program, any student lacking knowledge of the objectoriented paradigm will be required to take SE 602 Fundamental Computer Science I with Java. Credits taken for the preparatory course do not count toward the degree. However, the grade earned is computed into the student’s GPA. 

Preparatory Courses
SE 602Fundamental Computer Science I with Java(4)
Core Requirements
SE 616Introduction to Software Engineering4
SE 673Software Design Methodologies4
SE 675Requirements Engineering3
SE 677Software Reliability & Quality Assurance3
SE 679Contemporary Software Engineering Theory and Practice4
Recommended Electives
Select 12 credits of the following:12
Software Engineering Electives
Independent Study in Software Engineering
Data & Document Representation and Processing
Formal Software Development
Intro to Human-Computer Interaction
Human Factors and Usability Metrics
Distributed Software Development
Software Risk Management
Software Develop Process Improvement
Other Electives
Information Systems Project and Change Management
Information Systems Planning and Policy
Mobile Application Development
Cryptography and Computer Security
Network Security
Web and Internet Security
Select six credits from the following options:6
Option 1
SE 000
SE-Advanced Elective
Software Engineering Studio
Option 2
Software Development Thesis I
Software Development Thesis II
Option 3
SE 000
SE-Advanced Elective
IEEE 000
IEEE Certification 1
Total Credits36