Occupational Therapy, MSOT

Campus: Westchester, Online

The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) at Pace University College of Health Professions is a hybrid weekday program designed to prepare competent and ethical Occupational Therapy practitioners who maximize clients’ quality of life and occupation engagement through technology, evidence-based, client-centered, and inter-professional practice.

The curriculum is delivered using a blended method combining both online and face-to-face instructions. Students can complete the program within 28 months with a total of 70 credits of didactic coursework and fieldwork components. Students are engaged in two levels of clinical fieldwork, Level I and Level II. There are three Level I Fieldworks that are associated with three practice courses: Pediatrics, Mental Health, and Physical Dysfunction. Level II fieldwork consists of 24 weeks of full-time experiences in two different practice settings.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OTH 500 Occupational Therapy Theory and Occupation Analysis 5
OTH 505 Occupation Engagement Across the Life Span 3
OTH 510 Applied Neuroscience for Occupational Therapy 3
OTH 515 Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy 5
OTH 525 Professionalism I: Communication Skills and Interprofessional Practice 1
OTH 530 Occupational Therapy Practice in Mental Health 4
OTH 535 Clinical Reasoning I: Community-based/Mental Health Level I Fieldwork 1
OTH 550 Occupational Therapy in Productive Aging 3
OTH 555 Orthopedics and Neuro-Rehabilitation 3
OTH 560 Research Methods in Occupational Therapy 3
OTH 540 Occupational Therapy Practice in Physical Dysfunction 4
OTH 545 Clinical Reasoning II: Adulthood/Geriatrics Level I Fieldwork 1
OTH 565 Evidence-Based Research in Occupational Therapy 2
Second Year
OTH 570 Occupational Therapy Practice in Pediatrics 4
OTH 575 Clinical Reasoning III: Pediatrics/Adolescence Level I Fieldwork 1
OTH 605 Evidence-Based Practice and Occupational Therapy Research Project-A 3
OTH 610 Environmental Adaptations, Home Modifications and Ergonomics 3
OTH 615 Professionalism II: Professional Identity and Ethics 3
OTH 620 Assistive/Telehealth Technology and Virtual Environments 3
OTH 625 Current Trends and Emerging Areas in Occupational Therapy 1
OTH 630 Evidence-Based Practice and Occupational Therapy Research Project-B 2
OTH 635 Quality of Life, Health Promotion and Wellness 2
OTH 640 Clinical Reasoning IV: Fieldwork Level II 1
OTH 650 Fieldwork II A 3
Third Year
OTH 645 Occupational Therapy Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Advocacy 3
OTH 655 Fieldwork II B 3
 Total Credits70