Group of students sitting around a table

In-Depth Sequence

In completing their core requirements, an alternative for qualified students is to explore a subject area in the arts and sciences in some depth. Pace students are afforded the option of concentrating in a subject area by pursuing an "in-depth sequence."

An in-depth sequence consists of at least nine (9) credits in a subject area within the core, beyond core requirements in that area, and is in a field of study outside the student’s major. Students build an in-depth sequence of courses (no more than one course from each Area of Knowledge). Students may apply the in-depth sequence toward a minor or second major in the Arts and Sciences. Courses in the sequence may not substitute for requirements in the student’s school or first major program.

A student wishing to pursue an In-Depth Sequence should consult the Office of the Dean of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences in order to file an approved program for courses with the Office of the Registrar in advance of study.