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International Management Region 1: Asia

Campus: NYC

Region I: Asia
MGT 346International Management Environments: Regional Perspectives3
Select Chinese or Japanese Language 26-12
History or Culture Classes
Select two from thefollowing: 36
Art History: Aspects of Asian Art
The Asian World: A Historical Survey
Modern China
Modern Japan
Topics in Interdisciplinary
Topic: Modern Japanese Literature and Film in English Translation
One Chinese or Japanese Language Course at the intermediate level or above
Total Credits15-21

Offered in NYC every Fall semester.


Students are required to demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level in either Chinese or Japanese. Students who begin their language study at the 101 level will be required to complete four courses (12 credits). Those who begin at the 280 level or above will be required to complete two courses (6 credits) and will take an additional 6 credits in Open Electives.


All courses satisfy AOK: World Traditions and Cultures. (WTC, AOK 3).

Other courses may be taken with the approval of the International Management or Undergraduate Management Program Chair.