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Student Grievance Policies

Student Grievance Policies

The University views students as responsible citizens who are integral members of the academic community. Policies and practices pertaining to student relations and services should reflect this point of view. All University officers will make every effort to ensure that this philosophy is implemented.

It is recognized; however, that regardless of how well intentioned people may be, complaints and misunderstandings are bound to arise. It is the purpose of the Student Grievance Procedures to ensure that these disagreements are expressed, explored, and resolved promptly and confidentially. The Student Grievance Procedures shall apply to student grievances relating to the following:

  • Student Programs, Facilities, and Services: Allegations of violations of University policies and procedures with respect to programs, services, activities, or facilities.
  • Student Relations: Allegations of unfair treatment from faculty, administration, staff, or fellow students.

The Student Grievance Procedures shall not apply to claims relating to academic standing, grading, or discipline, except where discrimination is alleged. Such matters are within the jurisdiction of the Academic Standing Committee and the dean of the school.

Please visit the Student Handbook, University Grievance Procedure: Student Grievances to view the full policy and procedures for submitting a grievance.