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Health Requirements (Nursing)

Applicants to and students in the Lienhard School of Nursing should be aware that health clearance, including a physical examination, is required approximately four weeks prior to beginning any clinical course, including those that meet in the Center of Excellence in Healthcare Simulation as well as those in the clinical setting.

Our Health Care Clearance process is handled online through Castle Branch. Students are required to open an account with Castle Branch and upload and input their forms there. Once the appropriate forms are submitted, Castle Branch will check them against the program’s specifications and will deem the student compliant or not. Students may contact Castle Branch directly with questions regarding the health care clearance requirements, website, or forms. 

Health clearance forms provided by the Lienhard School of Nursing must be uploaded to Castle Branch unless otherwise instructed prior to assignment to the first clinical experience and are valid for one year. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the health clearance forms from the Department of Undergraduate Studies. Additional requirements including but not limited to criminal background checks, health screening, drug testing and/or immunizations, may be required during the program in accordance with specific agency requirements. In order to participate in clinical practice, the student must be able to pass the health clearance requirement. He or she must be free from health impairment and/or habituation to alcohol or other drugs that may alter behavior and pose potential risk to patients or personnel or that may interfere with the performance of nursing responsibilities. Failure to submit a completed and approved Health Clearance Form and Illness and Immunization Record prevents the student from being admitted to the clinical laboratory experience. Registration in clinical laboratories will be automatically voided if the student's health clearance and/or supplemental agency requirements are not completed and uploaded to Castle Branch unless otherwise instructed four weeks prior to the first clinical laboratory each semester. If a health condition arises during the course of study that would in any way alter a student's ability to perform in the clinical setting, it is the student's responsibility to notify the faculty member immediately. All students must provide evidence of current Professional Provider CPR certification; this should be submitted to Castle Branch along with all other health forms. All students are referred to the LSN Student Handbook for further clarification of the Health Clearance policy.