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Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Science Program (RN-4)

First Year Students

Admission to the four-year bachelor of science program is competitive. Applicants must be graduates of an approved secondary school with a minimum of 16 academic units that include four years of English, three to four years of history/social science, and three to four years of college preparatory mathematics, lab sciences Biology, and Chemistry, and two years of a foreign language. In addition, students must maintain a high school GPA of 3.0 or above. A High School Equivalency Diploma, with satisfactory scores, may also be accepted. Applicants must submit a recommendation from a high school counselor and/or teacher and a personal statement or essay. Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) of the College Entrance Examination Board scores are optional. 

All regular admits (without previous experience) must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to sophomore-level nursing courses:

  1. A minimum CQPA of 2.75 is needed to continue in the nursing major; and
  2. Successful completion of the following: Critical Writing (ENG 120), Biology 152, Biology 153, Chemistry 113, University 101, Nursing 110, Introduction to Psychology (PSY 112), and any remedial work that is required based on performance on placement exams. NOTE: a grade of B- or higher is required for the following courses or their equivalent: BIO 152, BIO 153, CHE 113, PSY 112. 
Transfer Students

All transfer students and Pace University students wishing to change their major to nursing must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply to the nursing program:

  1. A minimum CQPA of 3.0,
  2. Successful completion of prerequisite courses (including BIO 152, BIO 153, CHE 113, ENG 120, and PSY 112) or their equivalent is required to be eligible for application to the RN4 program. Note: A grade of B- or higher is required for the following courses: BIO 152, BIO 153, CHE 113, ENG 120, and PSY 112
  3. Transfer applicants who have been academically successful in their nursing studies at another institution and wish to transfer to Pace Leinhard School of Nursing (LSN) must provide letters of reference from a nursing faculty member and the dean/director of the schools they attended and these must be reviewed by the Department of Undergraduate Studies chairperson prior to acceptance of the student.
  4. Transfer applicants who have failed a nursing course at another institution will not be eligible for admission.

Transfer students admitted to the RN4 program will begin the program at the sophomore level regardless of the number of credits completed. NOTE: Admission decisions for transfer students take place in June of each year. Meeting the above-listed eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission.

Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree, Nursing Major (ABS)

Admission to this degree program (for non-nurse college graduates) is through the Graduate Admission Office. This degree is an accelerated curriculum. Applicants must show satisfactory achievement in previous undergraduate work. Students must meet all entrance requirements of the Department of Graduate Studies (see College of Health Professions Graduate Catalog for admission requirements and course sequence). Students must maintain a CQPA of 2.75 for progression in and graduation from the program. Following the completion of the baccalaureate program, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN to become registered nurses.

Admission to the ABS program is highly competitive.

  • The application deadline for January entry for the Pleasantville campus is September 15. The application deadline for September entry for the New York City campus is February 1. 
  • Students who previously failed a nursing course or who were academically dismissed from a nursing program are not eligible for admission to the degree program.
  • Admission of students who have attended other nursing programs (without failing a class or being academically dismissed) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  These students may be required to provide additional application materials (e.g., letter(s) of reference from didactic and clinical faculty).
  • This is an intensive, rigorous program so students must plan to consistently study to be successful. The full-time program requires students to dedicate as many as 36 hours to weekly class and clinical hours, in addition to study hours. We encourage students to think about personal and professional commitments and the significant amount of time necessary to devote to the program on a daily basis. Students will be taking 15 to 18 credits each semester and therefore, should not work.
  • Students must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Students must complete all prerequisites with a minimum grade of B- in order to be eligible for application review. Prerequisites include: two semesters of biology (anatomy and physiology) and one semester of microbiology, general chemistry, Introduction to Psychology, and statistics.
  • Students must have achieved an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Applications will not be considered for admission until all required documents have been submitted to the Graduate Admission Office. 

RN to BS Degree in Nursing Online Program (RN-BS)

Admission to the RN to BS in Nursing online program is competitive. Minimum requirements include scholastic achievement as evidenced by prior academic performance, graduation from an associate degree or diploma nursing program – unless applying for provisional admission (as described below), and licensure (or near licensure).

  • Students should have a completed associate degree program in nursing (unless applying for provisional admission - see below), diploma in nursing, or RN license (which is equivalent to 30 nursing credits).
  • Students should have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for admission to the RN-BS.
    • Students with less than the preferred minimum GPA may be asked to interview.
  • Applicants for the RN-BS program are required to provide their RN license and proof of licensure of Registered Nursing by the end of their second semester in the program.
  • Applicants are also required to provide their high school transcripts and a copy of their diplomas before admission.
  • Graduates of foreign nursing programs must have TOEFEL and transcript evaluation.
  • Students may have the following pre-requisite courses and/or competency, or will be required to take these courses during the program: ENG 110 Composition OR ENG 120 Critical Writing Composition; BIO 152 Anatomy and Physiology I; BIO 153 Anatomy and Physiology II; PSY 112 Introduction to Psychology; and Math/Psychology Statistics (statistics must be completed prior to NURS 498 Spirit of Inquiry: Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice which can be prior to entry or before starting the nursing courses). Competency is demonstrated by a grade of B- or better. Competency may also be demonstrated through CLEP or Pace Experiential Learning.
Provisional Admission to RN to BS in Nursing Online Program

Students who are completing their associate's degree can enroll in the RN to BS in Nursing online program if they meet the following requirements.

  • Students should hold a bachelor’s non-nursing degree from another college/university and be enrolled in the last semester of your AAS/AD nursing program and/or have completed 90 credits of liberal arts and sciences courses in accordance with the University’s transfer credit policy;
  • Students must have a math/psychology statistics as a pre-requisite;
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5;
  • Students may enroll for a maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) credits during their first semester (fall, spring, and summer semesters apply);
  • Students will be restricted to core nursing courses;
  • Students will be required to meet with the nursing advisor to discuss the status of their coursework;
  • Students must attain a minimum cumulative Pace CQPA of 2.5 by the end of the first semester to matriculate;
  • Students must complete their AAS in Nursing by the end of the first semester to matriculate.

Once the above requirements are satisfied, students may register for classes beyond the first semester. If students do not satisfy these requirements, they will not be permitted to register for future semesters at Pace University.

The nursing advisor will review each student's eligibility for matriculation upon successful completion of their associate degree and first term in the program as a pre-matriculated student.

Students will be required to submit their final undergraduate transcript showing degree completion, resumption of studies form, and change of major form to the nursing advisor.

Resumption of Studies for RN-BS

Any RN to BS in Nursing online program applicant who previously took any course at Pace University, regardless of major, should file a resumption of studies form and a change of major form, not an application for admission. Forms should be filed with Mabel Almanzar at There is no fee. Applicants will still need to provide their resumes, references, and transcripts.

Transfer Credits (RN-4 Program and RN-BS Degree in Nursing Online Program)

Students may transfer up to 90 credits from a four-year college (or 68 from a two-year college) into the baccalaureate nursing program. At least one-half of the nursing credits must be completed at Pace. Transfer credits may be awarded for approved courses taken at other higher education institutions. A B- is required for prerequisites as previously noted, and a grade of C+ or better is required for successful completion of other courses or by external examinations. The list of external examinations and equivalent courses may be obtained from the Office of Admission.