Group of students sitting around a table

Cancellation Because of Serious Illness

If a student withdraws from all his or her classes during the first half of the semester due to serious illness, a prorated cancellation of tuition and special course fees may be permitted, if a tuition appeal is submitted in accordance with policy. The policy is applicable to the student’s personal illness only, and must be documented with an original copy of a physician’s diagnosis and recommendation and, if working, disability papers. Any resulting credit balance may be refunded to the student. If the withdrawal takes place during the first 20 percent of the semester, a 100 percent tuition cancellation will be allowed, provided the resulting credit remains on account, to be used within a one-year period. If withdrawal takes place after the midpoint of the semester, a prorated cancellation will be permitted but any resulting credit must be held on account to be used within a one-year period.

Note: Students who are financial aid recipients and receive a cancellation due to medical reasons are subject to financial aid review and possible aid adjustment.