Residential Life

The Office for Residential Life and Housing are committed to providing facilities, programs, and services that complement your academic development and promote your personal and social development. Each member of the Residential Life and Housing staff is trained in areas of student development and crisis management, as well as the daily management of their facility. As adults, students are expected to accept the responsibilities of community membership while enjoying its privileges.

Living on campus, whether in New York City or suburban Westchester county, can be the most exciting experience of a young person's life -- and having a place to call "home" adds a sense of safety and belonging. Our residential facilities give Pace students that satisfaction. All rooms are furnished with a standard twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, wardrobe or closet, and window blinds. Suites (in Pleasantville) have living room furniture and townhouses will have dining room furniture as well as a variety of appliances. Residence halls are equipped with cable TV, and high-speed wired and limited wireless Internet access, at no additional cost.

General Facts:

  • At Pace University, approximately 2,500 students live on campus in New York City, with another 1,300 residing on campus in Pleasantville.
  • Most first-year undergraduate students will be placed in 182 Broadway or Maria's Tower on the city campus, although some first year students may reside in other halls. In Pleasantville most first year students will be placed in Alumni Hall. In Alumni hall some students will be placed in temporary doubles as triples to start off the year.
  • Students who apply for the Fall semester by the priority deadline (May 1st) are asked to complete an online request process to indicate their preferred building and to request each other as roommates (building requests cannot be guaranteed, but reciprocal roommate requests among students who are guaranteed housing will be honored).
  • In Westchester all first year students will be a part of a living learning community in their residence hall. New York City students can opt into the living learning communities.
  • To apply for housing, student need to complete and submit a Housing Application along with a $400 housing deposit and a $100 security deposit to Student Accounts.
  • We offer housing for graduate students on both campuses. Our graduate population will be placed with our returning and transfer students.  

The Office for Residential Life and Housing Staff

Community living is a valuable experience that provides opportunities and rewards that will last a lifetime. Exposure to new people, ideas, cultures and ways of thinking create an environment ripe for growth and learning. At Pace, our residential life program is centered in the belief that community living is an integral part of the total educational experience. The staff is committed to providing facilities, programs, and services that complement your academic development and promote your personal and social development.

Students are viewed as whole individuals working toward integration with others and enjoying the privileges of community membership, while accepting its inherent responsibilities. Our program, policies, expectations, and guidelines are designed with your safety and welfare in mind. Your involvement in the community as self-regulating adults is the key to making the residence halls places where you:

  • Meet other students and establish relationships that will enhance your Pace experience
  • Successfully live together through peer interaction and learning, complementing your academic program
  • Assume responsibility and accountability for your own lives and living environments
  • Develop friendships and relationships that are respectful, civil and mutually satisfying
  • Participate in educational, social, and cultural programs
  • Develop skills through participation that will enhance your Pace experience and prepare you to contribute as members of outside communities. The Office for Residential Life and Housing is led by a team of dedicated individuals whose commitment is to support the academic endeavors of each of our residents while offering meaningful challenges that encourage their personal growth. Please visit your RA or your Residence Director should you need any assistance during your stay in Housing.