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Marketing Arrangements and Partnerships

Pace partners with several third-party organizations which provide marketing, recruitment and some educational services:

AllCampus. Pace Online partners with AllCampus to provide marketing, student recruitment, and lead generation for several s online master degrees and, degree completion programs. AllCampus refers prospective students to Pace. All admissions, and academic program decisions are made by Pace.

Kaplan International Pathways provides marketing and student recruitment services to prospective students outside the United States. Kaplan refers prospective students to Pace. Kaplan may assist students in ensuring their application is complete, and may advise students on non-academic matters (i.e., travel, finding living arrangements, adapting to life as a student in the U.S.). Pace makes all admissions decisions, and determines the criteria under which students are admitted. Pace provides all academic programming. Kaplan and Pace together set the curriculum for the Pathways Program.

International Agents. Pace University uses a network of independent recruiters to augment its pipeline of prospective international students. The University selects, evaluates and trains independent recruiters in a variety of countries so they can present Pace as one of the options available to their clients who want to travel abroad to earn a degree. Recruiters help Pace build brand awareness and provide access to markets that are often remote and unfamiliar. Recruiters help prospective students by providing information about the application process to colleges and universities outside their home countries. They may also provide services such as pre-departure briefings, English language classes, standardized test prep, flight and accommodation bookings, and career guidance and job placement services upon the student’s return home. Independent recruiters wishing to represent Pace must apply and sign an agreement (see attached application and agreement).  Recruiters do not admit or deny students who have applied to Pace and they do not prepare any Visa related materials. Pace University began the practice of working with independent recruiters in the Spring of 2011 and has since added 60+ other agencies marketing in over 50+ countries.

Updated: September 1, 2022