Real Estate (RE)

RE 200  Fundamentals of Real Estate  (1 credits)  
RE 204  Basic Real Estate  (2 credits)  

Covers the basic real estate subjects required by New York State as meeting the educational requirements for real estate salespersons.

RE 205  Real Estate Practice and Brokerage  (3 credits)  

Covers the subjects which are required by New York State as meeting the educational requirements to sit for the real estate broker's examination. All applicants for a New York Real Estate Broker's License must, before being entitled to a license as a real estate broker, successfully complete an approved course in real estate and satisfy certain experience requirements. The sequence of RE 204 and RE 205 is approved by New York State as meeting the educational requirements to sit for the broker's examination. NOTE: It is recommended that Real Estate Majors complete RE 205 before taking subsequent Real Estate courses.

RE 313  Real Estate Appraisal  (2 credits)  

Consideration is given to basic principles, theories, and practices in the evaluation of real estate.

RE 315  Real Estate Management  (2 credits)  

Introduction to the basic principles, theories, and actual practices in the management of residential, commercial, business, and industrial real estate.

RE 316  Real Estate Financing  (2 credits)  

The principles of real estate investment and financing. An investigation and analysis of sources of funds and the special characteristics of real estate finance.

RE 317  Real Estate Construction and Estimating  (2 credits)  

A practical basic course in principles and practice of building construction; examination of the building process of single family dwellings; principles of estimation of materials and building costs.

RE 320  Real Estate Investment  (2 credits)  

Analysis of tax and business strategies utilized in the purchase, ownership, and sales of real estate.

RE 350  Advanced Seminar in Real Estate Problems  (3 credits)  

A course in the analysis of practical real estate problems in light of legal, economic, and governmental trends. Panel discussions are guided by specialists in the real estate field.

RE 395  Real Estate Independent Study  (1-9 credits)  

With the approval of the appropriate faculty member, the department chair, and the academic dean, students may select a topic for guided research that is not included in the regular course offerings. The student meets regularly with the faculty member to review progress. A research project or paper must also be submitted.