English LC-P (ENGP)

ENGP 105C  Composition and Rhetoric I - CAP  (2 credits)  
ENGP 110C  Composition - CAP  (3 credits)  
ENGP 120  Critical Thinking  (4 credits)  

This Learning Community develops a vocabulary for thinking philosophically and then, through regular, guided composition, applies philosophical concepts to the realities of our time and place.

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or ENG 110 or permission of Department Chair. Learning Community
ENGP 201  Writing in the Disciplines  (3 credits)  

These two courses provide students with the opportunity to research and write about historical and contemporary issues in education. ENG 201 offers a variety of writing assignments coordinated with students' field experiences and readings in TCH 201. TCH 201 requires students to complete several writing assignments that match and are enhanced by their efforts in ENG 201.